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  • Somewhere New1:57
  • Somewhere New1:57
  • Somewhere New1:57

Enjoy the slide show and click below to hear music,

"Somewhere New" by Lee Rosevere

​​"Life is a Journey"

make each step count...

Luis Martinez 

CloudChats© Moderator

They are 15-minute interactive sessions and held on a virtual platform.

We provide a link to join from your iPhone, iPad or laptop/computer. These sessions are free and open to everyone, especially young leaders. 

We invite charismatic speakers to share ideas, stories, and information within a 10-minute segment then 5-minute Q&A or they can engage the audience in a lively conversation for 15-minutes. The public drives program topics. Speakers are Business People, Educators, Authors, Writers, Media, Entertainers, Artists, Community Leaders, Actors, Politicians, Social Activists, etc.. 

This interactive program presents relevant information in a relaxed environment!

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