Consultancy for Business and Non-profits

Our Consultants have been everywhere from retail to Wall Street. Our professional team of subject matter experts are from Corporate America, Privately Owned Businesses, Public Service, and the Non-Profit sector.  We hold with boutique conference-style workshop or virtual conferences that facilitates a dynamic learning experience.  We also bring workshops to your place of business. We analyze gaps, learn best practices, then implement processes to help you drive success. 

We work with tests that are a standard and scientific method used to measure an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. There are many assessments and development service providers in the marketplace today, but it takes experience and talent to be an expert in the interpretation of complex assessment tools. We just don't work in a vacuum or use a silo approach, but consider the entire person and provide a complete evaluation.  Then they use this information to drive their personal and professional development. To us, providing assessments and our other services is not just a job, but a profession and craft we deliver with solid science behind it. 

•Leadership Consultancy, Assessments, Training, Executive Coaching, Bench-marking, Organizational Development, as well as Non-profit Management and Board Development. 

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Behavioral Assessments, Coaching and 1:1 Debriefing

Our assessments are validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessments that meet EEOC and OFCCP requirements.  Confidential reporting is upheld throughout the process. Selected personnel will take these assessments and have a comprehensive understanding of strengths and gaps that need to be addressed.  This assessment gives the individual a complete report on behavioral fusions and their leadership style. It will outline strengths and gaps as well as ways to set personal goals to reach the next level of success.


  • Behavioral and Driving Forces: online assessment to understanding natural and adapted behaviors, understanding what motivates you and how to relate to others.

  • Emotional Intelligence Survey: highly important factor for success, influencing productivity, efficiency, and team collaboration

  • Leadership Style Survey: knowing your leadership style to attain a high level of performance and high energy team in the workplace.

  • Culture Awareness Survey: to understand how to build bridges to gain trust, respect, and understanding across cultures; and within a multicultural work environment, fostering productive interactions and agreements.

  • Stress Management Assessment: to discover the level of competency in stress management and apply strategies to specific needs.


Debriefing and Coaching Sessions: 

Based on the results of the evaluations, a customized report will be provided to the individual with insights and recommendations on how to maximize talent development and ways to implement information into their action plan. Recommendations are based on overall findings from all components. Also, a 1:1 debriefing and coaching session is held after assessments are taken to gain understanding on how to best use the information. An optional second 1:1 session is scheduled 30-45 days after the first meeting to review and adjust strategies if needed.


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Workshops and Webinars

Workshops/Webinars provide best practices that participants can implement immediately in their workplace or their careers for professional and personal development.  Our boutique conference style sessions, provide attendees with the ability to gain knowledge from subject matter experts. They learn best practices and developing solutions to implement efficiently.  It’s all about speed to market and staying competitive.  


This an interactive learning experience. We provide an option of attending in person or participate remotely. Both options are affordable solutions to the challenge of using time efficiently while minimizing travel costs without losing the interactive experience or the ability to network and build new contacts.


•Workshops, Webinars, C-Suite Conversations, and Leadership Training. 

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