Est. 2013 

Leadership in the Clouds™


Learn how to build the plane as you fly it!



We ignite innovation and create environments for success.


We help businesses and non-profit organizations scale-up their business practices with business models and design processes to establish a healthy environment to enable them to generate consistent revenue growth. 


We are a diverse group of associates that are bilingual and bi-cultural. 

Our clients are privately owned businesses, non-profit organizations (national and global enterprises of all sizes), agencies and corporate groups. 

Contact us today to schedule a no-fee consultation meeting with one of our Associates. 

We believe that if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. 


  • Assess the talent pool, 

  • Identify gaps,

  • Receive recommendations, 

  • Implement changes to increase productivity,

  • Improve retention, 

  • Impact sustainable revenue,

  • Increase profitable growth.

We provide leadership training workshops, team building activities, communication exercised, 1:1 coaching, and company-wide guidance on community engagement strategies to develop a healthy and productive company culture. 

525 North Tryon, 16th Floor, Charlotte, NC 28202  
Office: 704-444-8395 / Toll: 877-290-7769 / eVoice: 336-791-2332

We are transformational leaders.

We ignite innovation and create environments for success.​

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