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Ron Watkins

Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

Ron’s value proposition in working with all size companies is to accurately identify which candidates have the highest probability of success in the hiring and the succession planning process that is consistent with the company’s Corporate Culture.  The results being twofold: Reduce the high cost of employee related problems within a company and secondly, provide executives/managers more time in their day by having the right person in the position that requires little or no supervision or intervention by the executive.


Ron has 30 years of experience as a mental health professional, entrepreneur, and management consultant in Organizational Behavior.

During his career as a Management Consultant, Ron has earned the designation of a Certified Management Consultant by the International Management Consulting Institute based on his extensive experience, technical competency, and the adherence of the IMC USA Code of Ethics by written and oral exams. He is also the Carolina Affiliate for the Workplace Bully Institute (WBI.)

Ron is certified in the use of behavioral assessments such as the Hogan Leadership Series, the DiSC Performance System, and Lominger 360 Survey. He earned his undergraduate degree from Heidelberg University in Clinical Psychology and his Master's Degree from Ball State University in Behavioral Psychology.