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Virtual Talk Series - Returns 2024

Virtual programming featuring topic specific experts and well-known persons engage in discussions or are interviewed.



 A virtual program established in 2015 to enhance social capital.  It's a conversation with guest speakers from various industries that are subject matter experts in business, corporate America, foundations, sports, music, and the arts, etc.

In 2020, the program focus shifted to have guest share their journey as well as best practices of how they manage business and talent in the remote world.

Now in 2022, Claudia Lombana host the virtual program as we scale up the conversation to provide guidance and best practices to businesses, corporate teams, NPOs and individuals.  

In 2024, we begin a new direction.  

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Click below for previously recorded programs: 


2022         2021      2020 


Conversations in the Round

The virtual program, launched in 2017, reaches a hybrid audience.  Moderator, Pat Martinez, holds an interactive virtual discussion on situations impacting our daily lives. Guest speakers are local and national experts. They provide insight, best practices, and general advice to our listeners.  Audience questions and participation is encouraged and welcome.


Click below for recorded programs. 

2021 program 

2020 program 

2017 program (Archived)

In 2024, we ignite another conversation. 

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