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Leadership in the Clouds™ launches EVOLVE©

Charlotte, NC —Leadership in the Clouds™ is growing. We welcomed Nydia Lebron as Chief Development Officer and Impact Strategist, Macie Mata, as Chief Financial Officer and Growth Planning Strategist. Rashaan Peek as Chief Operating Officer and Digital Marketing Strategist to the leadership team.

Founded in 2013, we are experts in virtual business consultancy and eLearning. Our mission is to ignite innovation and create environments for success. We develop established and prospective leaders through education. We create diversity, inclusion, and equity spaces through leadership training workshops and provide 1:1 coaching, community engagement strategies to develop a healthy and productive company culture. “On October 1, 2020, we launched EVOLVE© eLearning with fourteen subject matter experts from across the country,” said Pat Martinez, Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “EVOLVE© is a talent optimization and self-development curriculum designed to transform individuals so they can reach their full potential to become successful leaders and thriving business owners.

Contact: Rashaan Peek at for enrollment information or learn how to ignite innovation and create an environment for your company’s success. WHAT WE DO


High-level analysis of the multi-level problems your company is currently experiencing.

ENGAGE Refining your company’s goals and engaging strategies to ensure optimal revenue growth.

IGNITE Equipping your people with the proper tools and business processes needed to increase sustainable growth. We help businesses with:


Customer Insight and Growth

Talent Acquisition & Retention


IT/Technology Human Resources

CFO & Enterprise Value

Risk & Compliance

Finance & Accounting

Leadership in the Clouds™ is a global management and corporate consulting firm using technology to provide strategic consultancy for corporations, privately owned businesses and nonprofit organizations focused on increasing sustainable profitable growth. We help people transform which increases team productivity and business success.

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