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Leadership in the Clouds™ is a management and corporate consulting firm using innovative technology to provide strategic consultancy for corporations, privately owned businesses and nonprofit organizations focused on increasing sustainable profitable growth.  



Our diverse pool of thought leaders are powerhouses who advise in over 24 industries with a proven track record of success.


Innovative, analytical and data driven, Leadership in the Clouds™ consultants actively engage real time solutions to transform companies that are looking to scale up.  


Leadership in the Clouds™ also develops established and prospective leaders through education, creating spaces for diversity, inclusion and equity .


Through leadership training workshops, 1:1 coaching, and community engagement strategies to develop a healthy and productive company culture and support our cities. 

Focused on empowerment, these events celebrate women and showcases the most engaging keynote speakers, interactive panelists and unique networking experiences with today's thought leaders.

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Leadership in the Clouds™
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We ignite innovation and create environments for success.​